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Finding the Cheapest Gas Prices

In the interests of the greater good, an army of selfless, gas-price-scouting citizens have made Web sites like and fairly accurate sources for info on the latest local gas prices. On both sites, communities of volunteers submit updated gas prices at local stations, creating comprehensive guides to local gas markets. With prices being as exorbitant as they've been in recent years, there's a heightened need for a resource that keeps you abreast of the lowest prices.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Since these sites rely on volunteer "spotters" to submit prices, there's no guarantee the figures are up-to-date, although most are accurate by a couple days.
  • If you find the following sites to be useful, consider becoming a spotter. Next time you're driving past the local gas station, note the price and submit it the next time you're at your computer. The more active these communities are, the better the information, and with better information comes the chance to find lower prices.

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