The 1960s United States

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President John F. Kennedy

The 1960s United States

The 1960s in the United States was one of the most turbulent decades in U.S. history. Music, fashion and art all became intertwined with politics, and resulted in a decade that is remembered to this day as one of both violent confrontation and incredible achievement.

The 1960s United States

Insights for the 1960s United States

  • The civil rights movement came to the forefront of national attention in the 1960s, as the institution of segregation that had been in place since the end of Reconstruction was challenged in the courts, daily life and in the streets. Find more about Reconstruction and segregation in the “The Civil War” section of this guide.
  • For information on the feminist movement, see the “The United States in the 1970s” section of this guide.

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