Catholic History

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Catholicism: Delving into the Holy See

Mover of nations, maker of kings, director of souls—the Catholic Church looms large on the world stage, as well as in the religious world. The sheer enormity of the Church's presence, the length of its history and the depth of its theology can intimidate the scholarly and the religious neophyte alike. But this ancient faith has entered the 21st century with gusto, maintaining an impressive presence online to help you research, explore and interact with Catholicism.
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Catholic History

Though Catholicism's basic tenets are the same as those of other Christian sects, its 2,000-year history of dogma, discussion and writings distinguish it from other forms of Christianity. Explore Catholic history with the sites below.

Insights for Catholic History

  • These sites are primarily evangelical, and don't take an unbiased stance toward the Catholic faith. Regardless, they contain a wealth of information on Catholicism. Keep in mind their respective biases while taking advantage of the education they offer.
  • Many of the Catholic Web sites you'll encounter are apologetics: systematic defenses of and education about the faith. Though these are intended to convince, they can nevertheless be well researched and argued, and quite informative.

Top Sites for Catholic History

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Catholic Beliefs and Practices

Thinking of converting to Catholicism or just wanting to learn more about Catholic beliefs and practices? The sites below offer a range of sources for those new to the Catholic faith.

Insights for Catholic Beliefs and Practices

  • The sites in this guide deal with the specific beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. For more information regarding the basis of the Catholic faith, see the findingDulcinea Web Guide to Christianity.

Top Sites for Catholic Beliefs and Practices

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Catholic News

A religion, a church, a state? In a sense, the Catholic Church is all of these, stemming from the unusual nature of the Vatican as a political, diplomatic and religious body. As such, there is a wealth of activity and events to report on, discuss and analyze in the Catholic world. Find Catholic news, including Catholic TV and radio sources, with the sites below.

Insights for Catholic News

  • The Vatican publishes its own weekly newspaper, which is available online.
  • Some of these sites are secular looks at Catholic news. Most, however, have Catholic perspectives, each incorporating the Catholic faith in a different way. Read enough of any site you visit to understand its message and point of view before you bookmark it.

Top Sites for Catholic News

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Catholic Community

Although widely dispersed around the world, the immense and diverse Catholic community can all come together online. For Catholic dating, education, discussion, business and more, use the sites below to connect with the Catholic community's global citizens.

Insights for Catholic Community

  • Always be careful when sharing personal information online. For more information on how to protect yourself and your family while taking advantage of what the online community has to offer, read the findingDulcinea Internet Security Web Guide.

Top Sites for Catholic Community

For Catholic portal sites ...
For Catholic community organizations ...
For Catholic dating sites...
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Find a Catholic Church

They say you can't throw a stone in Rome without hitting a Catholic church. For those of us elsewhere (or less inclined to cast the first stone), there are online tools to help you find a Catholic church.

Insights for Finding a Catholic Church

  • Many "Find a Church" sites are user-generated, meaning a church must enter itself into the database. As a result, not all sites list the same results. If you can't find what you're looking for on one, try your luck on another.
  • The Catholic Church is hierarchical: If you're having trouble finding a local church, contact your local diocese for help.

Top Sites for Finding a Catholic Church

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Volunteer With the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is not only a religious organization, it is also one of the largest charity and relief bodies in the world. Volunteer with the Catholic Church and work for social justice, economic development, health education, disaster relief and more.

Insights for Volunteering With the Catholic Church

  • Your church is another great resource for finding communities in need of help. Ask the clergy (or members involved in the community) if they are aware of any Catholic charities or if they know of any volunteer opportunities.

Top Sites for Volunteering With the Catholic Church

To find Catholic charities ...
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Catholic Blogs

With the large presence of the Vatican and Catholic churches on the Web, it's easy to forget that the Catholic Church is made up primarily of its members. Culture, religion, faith, charity, the Vatican, world news: All can be found on Catholic blogs.

Insights for Catholic Blogs

  • The blogosphere is huge, even the Catholic corner of it, so a comprehensive list of the best-quality Catholic blogs out there is nearly impossible to compile. To find more Catholic blogs, surf the blogrolls of the Catholic blogs you enjoy.
  • Remember that blogs are a highly subjective source of information and are not intended to represent the values and opinions of the entire Catholic community.

Top Sites for Catholic Blogs

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