Practicing Judaism


Judaism: Understanding and Connecting with the Jewish Faith

The communities and resources of the Internet are perfect for learning about Judaism, and bringing members of the Jewish faith closer together. This guide will teach you about the oldest of the Abrahamic religions, including sacred Jewish texts, Jewish law, and Jewish holidays. There are also resources for helping Jews practice their religion, and tools for learning about Hebrew, Yiddish and other Jewish languages. It is often difficult to find kosher food and wine, but this guide will make that task easier. With the Internet, Jewish news, Judaica products, Jewish blogs and dating sites are also at your fingertips.

The Jewish Faith

The oldest of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism is, surprisingly, not well understood. The common ... read more »

Practicing Judaism

Practicing Judaism can be tricky, even for the strictest observers. With a lunar calendar, days that begin at sundown, and thousands of years of tradition, it's no embarrassment to rely on some electronic help to keep track of it all. The tools on these sites can give you that helping hand for understanding Jewish practices.

Dulcinea's Insight

  •  Most of the sites in this section are intended primarily for fairly observant Jews. However if you have an interest in the Hebrew calendar, language, or the workings of Jewish holidays, you still might find them of interest.
  • The Jewish calendar is a lunar one, not in sync with the Gregorian calendar, and the Jewish day begins at sundown. Do not rely on Gregorian dates from one year to the next for any Jewish holiday or event.
  • If you're looking for a synagogue or other prayer location, use the "Locating a Synagogue" section of this guide.

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Learning About Hebrew, Yiddish, and Other Jewish Languages

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Finding and Learning About Kosher Food and Wine

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Being Part of the Jewish Community

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Locating a Synagogue

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Jewish Dating and Networking Sites

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Jewish Blogs

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Finding Jewish News

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Judaica Products

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