Learning About Hebrew, Yiddish, and Other Jewish Languages


Judaism: Understanding and Connecting with the Jewish Faith

The communities and resources of the Internet are perfect for learning about Judaism, and bringing members of the Jewish faith closer together. This guide will teach you about the oldest of the Abrahamic religions, including sacred Jewish texts, Jewish law, and Jewish holidays. There are also resources for helping Jews practice their religion, and tools for learning about Hebrew, Yiddish and other Jewish languages. It is often difficult to find kosher food and wine, but this guide will make that task easier. With the Internet, Jewish news, Judaica products, Jewish blogs and dating sites are also at your fingertips.

The Jewish Faith

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Practicing Judaism

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Learning About Hebrew, Yiddish, and Other Jewish Languages

Hebrew is the holy language of Judaism, the language of the Torah and of prayer. But for hundreds, even thousands of years Jews around the world have been speaking many other Jewish languages, like Yiddish, using them to sustain traditions, culture, and history. Although many are on the decline, they still live, and the Internet has the resources to connect you to these timeless Jewish tongues.

Dulcinea's Insight

  •  Most Jewish languages, including Yiddish, are written with some sort of alphabet based on Hebrew. To view sites written in these languages make sure you have the correct settings on your Web browser and all the correct character sets installed.
  • A language, though perhaps preserved, is not truly alive if not spoken. If you're really interested in any of the languages featured below, think about using these sites to connect with speaking classes in your area.
  • A classic now updated and revitalized, Leo Rosten's The New Joys of Yiddish is a comprehensive lexicon of all the Yiddish that has made its way into our everyday English, and then some. It's a stepping stone to the Yiddish language for anyone with the chutzpah to try. Buy it here.
  • The Hebrew word for the Hebrew language is Ivrit. Hebrew, like Greek, has various ancient forms as well as a modern, spoken incarnation. For publications in modern Ivrit, check out the "Finding Jewish News" section of this guide.

Dulcinea's Picks

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